What's new
about our new
vegetarian capsules? 



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We’ve been supplying our customers with vegetarian capsules for many years.

But if you ask us what’s new about these ones, the short answer is: EVERYTHING.

They’re cleaner

Completely natural and free from animal products; with an independent ‘clean label’ certification - a world first. They contain no artificial colourants, are completely free of titanium dioxide, and are perfect for dietary supplements and other nutraceutical products.

They’re more targeted

We have a range of variants for different applications – from time-dependent and delayed release capsules that protect acid-sensitive drugs from gastric fluids, to others that cater for more complex and sensitive formulations. We can even collaborate on creating a purpose-made solution for your specific delivery needs.  

They can be customised

Our capsules are perfectly clear to show off your product, but you can also choose to colour them, and print on them (all completely naturally, of course) for additional brand appeal.

So, while our new vegetarian capsules aren’t the first we’ve ever made, they certainly are the best. Contact us to find out more.