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CV pharma is Cargolux’s specialized product for the transport of medical and pharmaceutical supplies. This custom-designed solution was initially developed over a decade ago and has been in constant evolution since then to ensure the optimal transport of such sensitive shipments.

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The inception of Cargolux’s CV pharma product started with the GDP certification and has since been enhanced with various features to meet both customer requirements and the ever more stringent industry regulations. Various investments were made, both financially and structurally, to optimize the process. Established procedures are under constant review and as a result, developments are implemented to support this commodity.

One of our unique features at our home base in Luxembourg, is that we have no tarmac waiting time; at destinations, the time is also reduced thanks to parking spaces in close proximity to warehouses.

Cargolux is the first airline in the world to have been GDP certified and our ground handling agent shares our commitment to healthcare and the careful handling related shipments require. To ensure a continuous GDP certification along the supply chain, our GHA decided in collaboration with us, to invest in a state-of-the-art healthcare center. This community approach guarantees the highest standards are upheld throughout the process. One of our unique features at our home base in Luxembourg, is that we have no tarmac waiting time; at destinations, the time is also reduced thanks to parking spaces in close proximity to warehouses.

A number of customized features have been established in-house to enhance our CV pharma product. A special NOTOC for temperature controlled cargo was designed to ensure the temperature range is maintained throughout the flight. Cargolux also developed an air cargo cover to minimize temperature variations in conjunction with Dupont. The thermal cover has undergone improvements since its inception and now boasts several versions; W10, W20 and W51. A special training was developed to improve staff coordination and optimize pharma handling. All employees and partners throughout the network have successfully undergone a QEP training.

Our comprehensive service consists of CRT, ERT, COL where we ensure all procedures, including handling, are carried out according to corporate and industry requirements. We have also further invested in an active container department to ensure proper management is in place for both active and passive containers. This expert team accompanies our customers through all the steps of the process from quoting and accepting, through the flight and return, all the way until the termination of the lease.

Cargolux and the CV pharma team strive to provide the best service through a complete, custom designed product. We will continue to assess our tools and our procedures in order to adapt our solution to customer needs and requirements. Further investments and innovations are under development to bring our service to the next pharma level.

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