Founded in 2013, Genomics England has become a staple feature of the pharma industry. In a dedicated timeline feature, we take a look back at some of the pioneering projects to emerge since its founding; and with a post-Covid-19 recession looming, we examine what pharma companies can learn from previous economic crises.

Also in this issue, as researchers draw ever closer to creating a viable Covid-19 vaccine, does the industry have the ability to produce enough supply? We take a look at the logistics of ending a global pandemic. Plus, we speak to Innovative Trials to find out how to effectively recruit clinical trial participants, and find out about a new broad spectrum synthetic antibiotic being developed by Australian biotech Recce that could prove to be crucial in winning the fight against AMR.

Turning our focus to drug development, we take a look at the current state of the autism pipeline, find out how scientists from Newcastle and Durham universities are using crystal chemistry to accelerate drug development, and dive into the complex world of psychedelics to understand why legislators in the US are pushing for funding to research the promise of drugs such as magic mushrooms in mental health treatment.