Regulators are warming to the opportunities real world data provides in assessing drugs in both the pre and post-approval phases. We explore the benefits of tapping into this rich new data source. Also, following the passing of renowned immunologist Dr Teruko Ishizaka we take a look back at the life and achievements of the trailblazing scientist.

Plus, we investigate the rise of buyers clubs in the UK as patients attempt to access a generic version of the cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi, speak to Smart TMS to find out about attitudes to pharmaceutical treatment for mental health conditions, and explore what pharma is doing to address the overuse of antibiotics in animals.

And finally, we examine the work of a pan-European body called ConcePTION, which is tackling unknowns of medication in pregnancy, find out what makes SIX Swiss Exchange a good home for life sciences, and take a look at the cancer-killing power of halichondrin.

Eloise McLennan, editor