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ICCI - International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute

ICCI, the first Centre of Excellence in the medical cannabis field, is an organisation that combines various institutions and explores the dynamic cannabinoid treatments available. Consequently, ICCI provides services to a broad array of entities around the world that are interested in the development of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments for medicinal purposes.

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ICCI started as a project uniting outstanding experts from the scientific community, patient organizations and the investment company Dioscorides Global Holdings. As a recognized center of excellence, it cooperates with Charles University, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, Mendel University in Brno, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and many other institutions and companies around the world.

ICCI’ primary mission is to research the various uses of medical cannabis and has all the right preconditions for doing so. The team of specialists is comprised of both physicians and experts in healthcare systems, as well as leading experts with direct experience with scientific teams of the United Nations Organization, government bodies and organizations. All of this is supported by strong liaisons with patient organizations.

The institute thus removes all possible barriers preventing the development of research on the possibilities of medical cannabis and its utilization. Cooperation with the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute enables everyone with an interest in researching medical cannabis to gain the background and facilities of a top international team, patient experiences and the organizational background of a strong scientific institution.

ICCI has embarked on a mission to advance the world of medical cannabis by providing a wide range of professional services to companies and organisations and ensuring a high quality cannabis education for medical professionals, patients, caregivers, and business professionals.


  • Research & Development
  • PFC - Patient Focused Certification
  • Accredited Analytical Services
  • CRO - Contract Research Organization
  • Metabolomics Services
  • Medical Professional and Patient Education
  • Plant Research
  • Big Data Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Government Relations
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Product Development
  • Product Registration

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