Welcome to the latest issue of Pharmaceutical Technology Focus magazine

In the last few years, multimillion dollar revenues driven by popular demand, and even higher projections for the future have catapulted obesity drugs into the mainstream. In this month’s cover story, we take a look at what’s next in this field that is currently dominated by GLP-1 receptor agonists.

Also in this issue, an interview with a leading academic highlights why regulatory bodies need to evolve with our growing understanding of the obesity and diabetes drug development field, to ensure these drugs are accessible to all who can benefit from them.

In the broader pharmaceutical space, the high-profile acquisition of Catalent has been met with some backlash, which we investigate through a comment piece. Don’t miss other stories on how pharma is preparing for climate disasters, and the latest advances in addressing the opioid crisis. All this and the latest news and analysis on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Manasi Vaidya, editor