What will your post-COVID-19
cold chain control tower look like?

Cold Chain as a Service®

Integrated technology and services for your cold supply chain control tower.

With Controlant’s next-generation digital visibility control tower platform, and Saga®data loggers that digitally connect the global cold chain, you can help maintain product quality while substantially reducing waste. The new family of Saga® data loggers captures your supply chain's entire story and is validated for all lanes, including air, road, rail, and sea. Controlant's solution delivers mission-critical insights in real-time while automating processes. Improve your supply chain visibility, build better business outcomes, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sustainability.

Controlant's solution can be used for more than only monitoring location and temperature. We track critical condition parameters for vaccines, drugs, and biologics, such as temperature, humidity, location, light events, and vibration. Our solution provides data streams about traffic, flight schedules, delays, and more, not only to proactively respond to issues before products are compromised but also to make broader strategic decisions about logistics partners, packaging types, and optimal routes.


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High-precision real-time data accuracy

Controlant's family of Saga® data loggers accurately detect product location, environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, light, and physical movement, capturing and sending data automatically to our cloud-enabled platform.

Ensure product security and integrity

Real-time product monitoring and supply chain visibility allow all stakeholders across the value chain to proactively protect products from manufacture through the last mile and onsite while making strategic decisions about your suppliers, packaging, and logistics providers.

Rapidly deploy visibility at scale

Controlant's solution can be validated and deployed rapidly across your primary and secondary distribution, as well as onsite. Our custom services expedite the solution validation process, setup, and launch, including training sites, carriers, and logistics partners.


Ready to solve your cold chain challenges?

Every day, global enterprises around the world use our solution to deliver products safely to patients and consumers, identify cost savings, and reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Find out how our experts can help you.


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