In July last year, the supply of pink Migraleve tablets mysteriously began to disappear from shelves in the UK, to the dismay of migraine sufferers up and down the country. With manufacturer Johnson & Johnson providing little information as to what caused the sudden shortage, or when customers could expect the pink tablets to be back in stock, we find out what happened to the UK’s supply of Migraleve.

Plus, we find out how researchers are modifying nano-material from corn to make active ingredients for targeted drug delivery, examine how machine learning can accelerate diagnosis of and treatment of rare diseases, and take a look at Scotland’s pharmaceutical industry.

Also, we examine the development of thermostabilised viral vaccines, investigate what biotech’s biggest ever IPO means for drug manufacturing, and check on the outlook for CRISPR gene editing technology as experimental treatments based on CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology reach a crossroads.

Eloise McLennan, editor