ImmuMap Services  is a fast-growing Danish contract-research organization (CRO) with a global reach specialized in the development of customized flow cytometry assays for immune monitoring and immunological consulting.

ImmuMap Services  is a fast-growing Danish contract-research organization (CRO) with a global reach specialized in the development of customized flow cytometry assays for immune monitoring and immunological consulting.

ImmuMap’s extensive scientific and methodological expertise within immune monitoring assays are at the core of our business. Our team consists of PhD- and MSc -level scientists developing customized flow cytometry assays for immune monitoring studies to address our clients’ need for data-driven decision-making. We focus on tailored solutions and perform immune monitoring studies in discovery and in the preclinical and clinical phases of drug development.

We strive for best-in-class solutions for our clients and aim to be an extension of your core facility. We provide personal expert consulting and services utilizing multicolor flow cytometry and cell culturing to assess immune status in patients and elucidate the effects of your immunotherapies in vitro and ex vivo.

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Our facility is equipped with highly specialized technologies for handling patient samples, in vitro culturing studies and analysis of cell material. We offer common flow cytometry analysis as well as flow cytometry-based sorting of cells for downstream applications such as culturing, single-cell sequencing etc. using up to 18 parameters simultaneously.

We provide an end-to-end study solution including design, execution, reporting and evaluation. For all steps we closely collaborate with our clients to ensure that the analyses performed meet the individual client’s objectives for the study. The final product is a detailed report with statistical analyses and interpretation of the results alongside access to the complete data package.

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The ImmuMap way

a strong focus on customer tailoring

We believe in data-driven decision-making, and we support our clients through all phases of drug development using our scientific expertise and know-how. As treatments and development projects varies greatly, we have a strong focus on customized assays that we co-develop with you. This way we ensure we can deliver high-quality data that guide your high-impact decisions and answers your hypotheses.

Our primary focus is to develop cutting-edge assays for immune monitoring with a strong commitment to customization, optimization and validation of our solutions living up to our rigorous quality control standards to ensure reliable results.

We customer-tailor standard assay formats such as the following for answering your specific research question:

  • Immunophenotyping for differentiation and maturation markers
  • Intracellular cytokine staining for cytokine profiling and functionality
  • MHC multimer staining for precise detection of antigen-specific T cells

Our services can be used in many therapeutic areas and have already been applied in immune oncology, autoimmunity and overall safety assessment.

We are agile and flexible and thus have no constraints in fulfilling our clients’ requests whether regarding measurement of rather “exotic” markers or living up to tremendously tight deadlines for data delivery. We strive to shorten the design phase by offering a tele conference with our clients within two weeks from the initial request and to generate the preliminary study quote immediately afterwards. We initiate planning and execution of studies as soon as we have obtained client acceptance and upfront payment.

A case study 

Deep Profiling of Antigen-specific T Cell Populations

We developed an intricate assay for immune monitoring of cancer patients in a clinical setting. Using this assay, we investigated the maturation phenotypes: naïve, effector, central memory, effector memory and stem cell memory cells within each antigen-specific T cell pool. Additional markers for cell proliferation (intracellular Ki-67), transcription factor (intranuclear EOMES) and checkpoint inhibitors (PD-1, CTLA-4 and Tim-3) alongside differentiation markers (Live/Dead, CD3 and CD8) were also included in the assay.

The multifaceted data from this study shown in the figure illustrate well the power of multiparametric flow cytometry for detection and enumeration of rare population immune cells in cancer patients prior to and after immunotherapeutic treatment.

The figure illustrates analysis of an human donor PBMC sample with a validated Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) antigen-specific T cell response using combined MHC multimer and multiparametric antibody staining – deep profiling of antigen-specific T cells.

As part of a study performed for a client, we screened for the occurrence of more than 30 different (up to 28 in parallel) antigen-specific T cell populations among a large patient cohort including samples obtained at several different timepoints.

We believe we are world leaders in the commercial space within multiplex staining of antigen-specific T cells using MHC multimers. We offer simultaneous staining of up to more than 1000 antigen-specific T cell populations using an innovative platform developed by our co-founder professor and key opinion leader Sine Reker Hadrup, PhD.

Our services for your next immune monitoring study

We enjoy the challenge of putting together complex immune monitoring studies and offer completely customer-tailored assays. We also offer a wide range of standardized assays for mapping cellular immunity and assessing immune status in patients or animals.
Our end-to-end solutions always ensure safe handling of your cellular products.

Services provided by ImmuMap include, but are not limited to:

  • Whole blood processing for obtaining peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), serum or plasma with following cryopreservation. Species: human, mouse and pig
  • Cell culturing of primary cells, TCR products, cancer cell lines etc. for in vitro experiments. Species: human and mouse
  • In vivo animal studies for assessing immune responses for therapeutic efficacy, safety assessment, tumor rejection etc. Species: mouse
  • Screening for antigen-specific T cells by high dimensional MHC multimer analysis with added immunophenotyping, e.g. differentiation and maturation phenotypes. Species: human and mouse
  • Intracellular cytokine profiling for assessing cellular functionality (ICS). Species: human, mouse and pig
  • Immunophenotyping for T cell activation, maturation and exhaustion. Species: human, mouse and pig
  • Cytotoxicity, activation and proliferation assays for assessing alloreactivity, cytotoxicity of compounds or the killing or proliferative capabilities of cellular products or sorted antigen-specific T cells. Species: human, mouse.
  • Fully customer-tailored assays combining the above services in one immune monitoring study.
  • Consultation regarding optimal immunologic assessment and assay development
  • Training in the above methods
  • Development/optimization of protocols for your in-house flow cytometry facility

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