Custom Peptide Libraries 

With our proprietary parallel synthesis technology, Mimotopes can synthesise hundreds of peptides simultaneously, thereby massively reducing the price and time to delivery.

High quality Peptide Libraries at affordable prices

30 Years Experience

Mimotopes is the founder of peptide library technology. We continued to grow and learn over the decades – now our expertise is unrivaled.

We work tirelessly to stay ahead of the game to ensure, as always, that we supply the best possible products.

Efficient & Economical Screening Solutions

Peptide Libraries have dozens of potential applications. From screening to epitope mapping, a peptide library can be exclusively designed to your specifications, for your research.

  • Discover crucial residues with an Alanine Scan Library
  • Map epitopes with an Overlapping Library
  • Narrow down the shortest active sequences with a Truncated Library

Dozens of Options to Customise

A standard Peptide Library can be supplied as with a precise length and offset designed to best suit your assays, but that’s not all. Modifications and labels can be applied to the termini or even within the sequence. Arrange a consultation to discuss your options and design your library.

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