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Issue 113 • December 2021

Supply issues have plagued many industries over the past two years, as global lockdowns and border closures threw a problematic wrench into a delicately balanced system of operations. While companies scrambled to find solutions to the new logistical hurdles, patients were left without access to their medication.

Alongside the rise of Covid-19 came another concerning trend for the pharma industry: the popularity of illegal online pharmacies. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the purchase of medication online, but while shopping for drugs on the web can have its benefits, it is not without risk. In fact, many digital outlets selling medication are operating outside the bounds of the law, leaving purchasers vulnerable to substandard or even counterfeit products.

So, what can be done to protect patients as telemedicine and online pharmacy services develop in the coming years? We find out.

Elsewhere in this issue, we break down Covid-19 vaccine pricing by country and company to learn more about the vaccine equality debate, take a look at stagnation in the Schizophrenia drug pipeline, and find out how next-generation supercomputers are revolutionising research and development in the pharma space.

All this, plus the latest industry trends and innovations from GlobalData experts and analysts.

Eloise Mclennan, editor