Already a versatile molecule, a custom peptide is modified for all-new purposes with bioconjugation.

Peptide conjugation is an effective research tool, with applications in antibody development, affinity purification, cell transport, and pharmacology. 


Common peptide bioconjugations utilise the side chain of a lysine or cysteine residue present in the sequence to bind to other molecules, such as proteins, antibodies, or oligonucleotides.

Mimotopes’ custom peptide conjugations maximise product efficacy with a variety of linkers, such as amines and sulfhydryls.

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Special bioconjugations and Click Chemistry are well known for their versatility.

Conjugation with fluorophores allows for fluorescent response. Pegylation, conjugation to PEGs, aids in biological functionality. From biotin to PMOs, the list of potential conjugations is endless. 

Conjugation to Other Peptides

For a custom peptide designed to operate within a cell, crossing the cell membrane is often a challenge.

Conjugating to a peptide already capable of entering the cell forms a heterodimer, retaining this function. Once in position, the peptides can divest their bond, freeing the customised peptide to fulfil its purpose.

Gel Conjugation

As a highly-specific selection technique, affinity chromatography relies on peptide conjugation.

To produce a pure anti-peptide antibody serum, the peptide is conjugated to an immobilised gel in a column. The antibodies and buffer solution wash through, ensuring only the highest affinity antibodies bind to the conjugated peptides.

Antibody Conjugation

Conjugation of a peptide antigen to an immunogenic carrier protein is crucial for anti-peptide antibody generation.

In one method, a cysteine residue in the peptide can be linked to a maleimide group on the chosen protein to form a stable thioether bond between them.

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