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OSE Immunotherapeutics and MAbSilico enter AI partnership

French biotechnology firm OSE Immunotherapeutics has signed a three-year agreement with technology start-up MAbSilico to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the development of monoclonal antibody drugs.

OSE intends to use techniques designed to solve problems, such as AI, to develop antibodies.

The company validated MAbSilico solutions, planning to use them for six antibody programmes, including bispecific antibodies.

OSE notes that AI and numerical simulation can help in therapeutic antibody discovery, cut failure risk and speed-up pre-clinical development.

OSE Immunotherapeutics chief scientific officer Nicolas Poirier said: “We are delighted with this collaboration, we constantly strive to introduce innovative technologies to develop first-in-class products in immuno-oncology and autoimmune diseases.

“Due to the devastating nature of these diseases, our development strategies need to be accelerated and artificial intelligence solutions for drug discovery offered by MAbSilico can be a great asset to achieve this goal.”

All solutions commercialised by MAbSilico are included in the agreement. Furthermore, OSE will have early access to MAbSilico’s SaaS and other technologies in development.

To feed the algorithms in development, OSE agreed to provide internal data to MAbSilico.

MAbSilico CEO Vincent Puard said: “This partnership demonstrates the need to fasten new AI-based solutions for antibody drug discovery. We believe that with the trust and collaboration of OSE, we will accelerate the release of our software and new technologies.”

OSE is engaged in the development of drugs that work on the immune system to treat immuno-oncology and autoimmune diseases.

The company’s lead candidate Tedopi consists of a combination of ten neo-epitopes designed to trigger T-lymphocytes.

Currently, Tedopi is in Phase III development for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and in Phase II trial for pancreatic cancer treatment.

Codagenix partners Serum Institute of India on Covid-19 vaccine

Biotechnology firm Codagenix has partnered with vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India to work together for the development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus.

The partners intend to develop a live-attenuated vaccine, which can induce an immune response to different antigens of the virus and enables scale for mass production, among other benefits.

Dr Reddy’s to buy some Wockhardt generics units for $259m

Bayer to transfer research unit in Berlin to Nuvisan

Healthcare company Bayer has signed a definitive agreement to transfer the majority of its small molecule research unit in Berlin, Germany to Nuvisan.

Nuvisan provides clinical, laboratory and contract manufacturing services. The company has six sites in Germany and France, along with monitoring operations in the US, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

The research unit in Berlin has an operational team for small molecule research.

Under the agreement, Bayer will retain certain research activities in Berlin, the headquarters for its Pharmaceuticals division.

J&J partners HHS to speed-up coronavirus vaccine development

Luye Pharma grants certain rights for Seroquel to Cipla Medpro

Assertio to divest US rights to Nucynta to Collegium for $375m

Assertio Therapeutics has signed a definitive agreement to sell its Nucynta franchise to Collegium Pharmaceutical for a cash consideration of $375m.

The deal will provide Collegium with the US licence for the Nucynta franchise of products. Besides $375m, Collegium will pay Assertio for some inventories and equipment related to the products.

Under the agreement, Collegium will be exempt from paying royalties to Assertio.

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