Dycem Contamination Control

Effective, Efficient & Sustainable Contamination Control Mats.

Contamination: The Risk to Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies

A strong contamination control strategy ensures top-quality products, compliance with FDA and other regulations, and safeguards the health and safety of users.

Manufacturing introduces contamination risks from personnel, raw materials, equipment, and processes, leading to threats like compromised safety, quarantines, recalls, and shutdowns. For companies, these risks are too significant to overlook.

Effective floor-level contamination control is crucial for GMP-compliant facilities. Dycem mats, integrated into a contamination control strategy, provide optimal support in minimizing contamination risks.

Benefits of Dycem in the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry


Dycem mats capture both visible and invisible particulates from shoes and wheels, reducing contamination in cleanrooms and controlled areas by up to 99.9%.


Dycem mats, equipped with Polygiene BioMaster, minimize microbial contamination in critical areas for pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers, ensuring peace of mind.


Dycem mats, with a lifespan of over 3 years, provide a quick ROI for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers, along with a reduced carbon footprint compared to disposable options.

Where To Use Dycem Mats

  • GMP controlled areas 
  • Entrances to cleanrooms 
  • Gowning & air showers 
  • Pedestrian & material airlocks 
  • Between production lines 
  • Material & product transfer areas 
  • Packaging areas