• Tamprint 300, a new revolution in super fast printing technology  for higher output needs.
  • Servo driven system giving centered print by vacuum hold arrangement  for individual product, during ink transfer.
  • Color display on IPC with easy operator friendly controls.
  • Can work on various types of products coated with aqueous coating, non-aqueous coating besides sugar or enteric coating.
  • Any size of product can be used for printing. Quick change over and easy maintenance.
  • In built UPS for smooth functioning and shut down in power failure condition.
  • Print on maximum surface area of product with specially designed silicon pad.
  • Special heating system for drying the ink. Equipped with Siemens control system.
  • All product contact parts are SS 316L /  PVC.

High Shear Mixer Granulator - R2T

• Increase in productivity due to unique R2T technology (Upto almost 50%, as per data shared by customers)
• Greater accuracy in determining and validating granulation endpoint
• Superior performance of the machine with 100% accuracy, due to Direct Drive Motor
• Improved Efficiency as minimal maintenance needs, due to elimination of conventional machine components such as, belts, pulley drives, worm & worm wheel gearbox, etc.
• Reduced number of batches for validation of product to commercial level, due to precise Granulation endpoint
• Major savings and cost containment due to absence of drive elements, improved efficiency of 85% and savings in power bills upto 12%
• Meets all requirements of cGMP

Rusty Nelson

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