Welcome to the latest issue of Pharmaceutical Technology Focus magazine

As the number of specialised gene therapies continues to grow in the biotech sector, one particular subtype— those using adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors—is becoming increasingly popular. In this month’s cover story we investigate several high-profile gene therapies that use these AAV vectors that are expected to be in the news in 2024.

Additionally, on the occasion of World TB Day, observed on 24 March, we take the opportunity to look at the need for new alternatives to treat HIV-TB coinfections. While several options are explored, experts say the landscape is alarmingly sparse.

Also in this issue, a freewheeling interview with the head of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, explores the state of digital therapeutics—their development and use in the broader healthcare context. Don’t miss additional features on the growing role of patient advocacy organisations and priority review vouchers. All this and the latest news and analysis on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Manasi Vaidya, editor